GBR Getech Bottom Router

GBR Getech Bottom Router

The GBR is an inline bottom router machine for PCBAs that does not require PCB-specific fixture systems. It is ideal for OEMs and CEMs who have lower volumes and where there is significant product variety.

Equipped with new Graphical User Interface, “Move, Teach & Cut”, the GBR has a user-friendly visual programming experience for rapid and accurate machine control.

  • Panel Size: L600mm x W400mm
  • Thickness: 0.8mm – 4.0mm
  • Component height: Top max. 70mm, Bottom max. 12mm
  • Non-routing speed: 1000mm/sec
  • Accuracy: ±0.05 mm
  • Cutting Speed: 100mm/sec max
  • Machine Size: 1.25M x 1.94M x 1.91M

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