CWMM Cartridge Weighing Measuring Machine

CWMM Cartridge Weighing Measuring Machine

The CWMM is a complete inline four stage production line designed to load, weigh and measure live 9mm cartridges.

The process starts with loading cartridges onto an indexing conveyor using 2 high capacity vibratory bowls. Cartridges are then indexed to the weighing station which checks for the correct charge. Passed cartridges are indexed into the next station to check for length and form. The final process involves offloading onto an inspection line where it is manually inspected.

All live munition products are designed to be intrinsically safe.

  • Cycle time per cartridge: < 0.2s
  • # of vibratory bowls: 3, each with dual track
  • # of indexing tracks: 10, each continual monitoring process
  • Indexing speed: 200mm/sec
  • Diagnostics: Cycle run to check all sensors and actuators are functioning. Full error history available.

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