Laser Marker


Reliable and Slim size Inkject & Laser marker can be integrated as a part of production line or stand-alone marking system.
This flexible and complete automatized marking enables high speed marking while delivering optimum marking result.

  •  Inspection equipment with verified performance
  •  Compact design & convenient maintenance
  •  Variously inspection applications
  •  Void, PAD, Bridge, Missing, Shift, etc.
  •  Image analysis S/W by Techvalley’s own
  •  SMD inspection system for single-sided
  •  Automatic alignment function
  • Marking Area : 400 x 400
  •  Laser Type : Fiber/Green
  •  Auto Conveyor Width Adjustment
  •  Built in Fiducial Camera
  •  1D/2D Possible
  •  Auto Remote Control