4JMSolutions offers a wide range of X-Ray inspection systems with various different features and specs. Ranging from Manual to semi-Auto to Fully Auto inspection with optional AI learning our inspection systems are a must in all Manufacturing lines and QC Laboratories.

Some Of Our SMT Production X-Ray Inspection Systems


TVX-IMT130 Inspection equipment with verified performance Compact design & convenient maintenance Variously inspection applications Void, PAD, Bridge, Missing, Shift, etc. Image analysis S/W by Techvalley’s

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TVX-IMT160 Optimized for precision parts High precision & high expansion system Applied granite plate for precision Automatic alignment function for user Optimized for small, medium

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TVX-IMT160CT High speed performance equipment  Optimized for shield, hidden solder joint  Small or medium precision parts  High quality industrial X-ray detector  Applied high precision manipulator

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HAWKEYE9020 AXI  Manufacturing innovation for Industry 4.0  Optimized solution for Smart Factory  Provides fast scan speed (0.43~0.7sec/point)  Realized best cost-effectiveness  Proven performance (SMT line on

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