GLSS Laser Singulation System

GLSS Laser Singulation System

The GLSS is a dual workstation standalone laser singulation machine specially designed to handle ultra-thin and flexible PCBAs or aluminium substrates used in manufacturing lighting products.

Laser sources can be specified to suit the product needs with either Green [532nm] or IR [1032] wavelengths.

The system is based on the best-selling GSR platforms which are designed for maximum production effectiveness and flexibility.

  • Panel Size: 350mm x 350mm
  • Thickness: less than 0.6mm for FR4 and Polymide
  • Component Height: 12mm [Subject to review by Getech Engineering.]
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.1mm
  • Laser System: 10W DPSS Green Laser
  • Machine Dimensions: 1.3M x 1.3M x 1.8M
  • Additional: Also able to handle multiple smaller designs

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