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Company Profile

4JMSolutions (Malta) Ltd. was founded, in 2008, on a solid base of international servicing and more than 25 years of high end industrial experience. Based on the solid principal of providing solutions where the equipment offered is a biproduct of the solution.

4JMSolutions prides its self in delivering excellent service support, offering to its current clients a holistic approach to all their needs. The company seeks to provide comprehensive professional service based mainly in the Semiconductor industry and those related to it. Ranging from Front-end to Back-end equipment we are currently a leader for the industry.

Seeing that the majority of its clients are based in Europe 4JMSolutions has set-up a logistic service, to further provide better service to its patrons. Having consignment stock stored in our facilities we provide stock taking and door delivery when needed. Offices used to be ever closer to our customers have been established in recent years having the HQ in Malta to service Southern Europe, Morocco office for Service in North Africa and West Europe, Hungary office for East Europe and a German Office will be opened in Q4 2022 to service Northern Europe.

4JMSolutions is always striving to further improve its products and services and the company is always keen on new projects.

To provide our customers with leading edge products, support and innovative solutions with our services aiming to surpass expectations, working through excellence, provide the highest of standards and be recognized as a leading supplier for advanced automation and engineering solution Offering holistic and turnkey solutions.

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Our Expertise

Equipment and Tools Benchmarking and Proposals

As a solutions provider 4JMSolutions will listen to your needs and identify a solution for you. This will most likely involve an ATE System, Consumable item or a Service. We will help you test, try and benchmark our solution before committing to it, finetuning, modifying and updating as needed before delivering the final Solution.

Machine Installation

After identifying the correct solution for your needs we will follow the assembly process, take part in pre-acceptance and install the system, making sure it is up to spec and completing buy off in a timely manner without ever compromising on quality.


At 4JMSolutions we strongly believe in good quality training, which is why we offer training to our customers at the highest of standards, providing them with Manuals in their respective Language. Our team speaks a collective of multiple different languages and where possible training is also provided in the respective language.

Spare Parts Consignment

To ensure fast response and minimal downtimes for our customers 4JMSolutions keeps a stock of spare parts in the EU to be able to ship out faster with many cases being next day delivery. All parts are kept in our inhouse storage facility with Temp and Humidity control.

Test Program Development

As part of our Turnkey services 4JMSolutions offers test program development with its inhouse application engineers for most of the main used platforms.

High Level PCB Repair

4JMSolutions has recently opened a High Level PCB repair facility to Test, Troubleshoot, Repair and Certify PCBs of a complex nature which are mainly used in Semiconductor Testing. Though our high tech facility, certified and calibrated equipment and IPC certifications we are able to provide and ensure the highest levels of quality and standards.

Machine Upgrades

At 4JMSolutions we aim to keep our customer’s costs at a minimum, which is why we offer system upgrades for outdated equipment to last that little while longer. All upgrades are OEM certified and installed with the highest of care and attentiveness ensuring a quality job done.