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Semiconductor Machines And Manufacturing Equipment

Manufacturing semiconductors requires extreme accuracy, precision, and care. 4JMSolutions comes up with exciting technologies that provide total solutions for semiconductor manufacturing. We are semiconductor equipment manufacturers that assist with everything from front-end manufacturing to testing and finishing of semiconductors. 

Our semiconductor machines offer a number of advantages, including increased worker safety, minimal design, and manufacturing errors, increased yield and reliability, and streamlined production. They consequently have several uses in the production of semiconductors for different industries. 

Front-End Machines

Providing leading equipment for front-end processes all the way from wafer test to die bonding. At 4JMSolutions we offer Wafer-Level VCSEL as well as sorters, inspection systems, measurement systems, bonding systems, wafer reconstruction and flip-chip. Manufacturing semiconductors is not a simple task. Manufacturers must overcome challenges in order to deliver silicon wafers that are fully functional without any defects. Our Front-End semiconductor manufacturing machines have been developed to provide a comprehensive production process for the diodes of VCSELs in the wafer level. A wide range of front-end processes can be automated by our leading Wafer Testing machines, Laser Application Systems, Wafer Level Burn in, Wafer Sorter with AOI, Wafer AOI Systems, Wafer Reconstruction, Die Sorters with AOI, Die Bonders, and Flip Chip Systems.

We provide innovative technologies that include testing, cutting, dyeing, patterning, debonding, marking, printing, and almost everything a front-end process requires to make semiconductors ready for production use.

Every process becomes automated and easy to control with our latest solutions that we developed with various strategies to improve the efficiency of front-end manufacturing. In short, the usage of our machines can minimize human interactions and tolerance, enables manufacturers to detect faults in the process line better, and provides manufacturers a better control of cutting, patterning, and reconstructing of wafers. We make sure that the accurate design functionality and manufacturability help in achieving the desired results.

Packaging and Assembly Machines

Aiming to provide a turnkey solution towards our customers and partners 4JMSolutions also offers the next stage in semiconductor manufacturing, Assembly.

With various equipment ranging from Laser Marking and Cutting, Singulation, Alignment Assembly, Dispensing and more. Going always a step further and also providing custom made equipment for a rapidly ever changing industry making our customers’ issues a thing of the past.

Packaging and Assembly affect power, performance, and cost on a macro level, and the basic functionality of all semiconductors on a micro level. Keeping that in mind, we provide highly precise and customizable machines including Laser Marking and Cutting, Singulation, Alignment Assembly, and Dispensing that ensure the inter-terminal connection, supply electricity, and provide heat resistance, protection for the IC, and several other solutions. 

Our advanced machines with built-in sensors for automation offer a full range of contract precision assembly processes for chip manufacturing machines by ensuring protection from external factors, including humidity, chemicals, impact, and vibration. Our assembly process enables reduced costs and maintains high-quality standards. Our solutions are adaptable according to the ever-changing industry’s needs.

Test and Finishing Machines

With a huge range of Test and Finishing equipment it is certain that 4JMSolutions can cover every request. Our testing and finishing handling solution are amongst the best in the industry offering also a turkey option with test hardware and application engineering.

Our range extends from BI Testing to Final test for MEMS, SENSORS, OPTICS and PHOTONICS, POWER and DISCRETE COMPONENTS.

With huge experience in Testing and Vision inspection we continuously exceed customer expectations providing excellence through service and solutions.

In order to determine whether the quality of the semiconductor chip meets a specific standard, our test and finishing equipment includes BI Testing to Final test for MEMs, Sensors, Optics and Photonics, Power, and Discrete Components. Our ATE-powered (Automated test equipment ) machines provide a set of testing tools to run one test, or a series of tests, on one or more chips simultaneously. 

This helps to eliminate defective products and increases the chip’s reliability. Additionally, defective products will not be allowed to proceed to the packaging stage during testing, which helps to save money and time. Our semiconductors making machines are intuitively user-friendly so that even a non-designer without any knowledge of the semiconductor’s internal architecture can easily perform the testing process on the chips.