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Verification and diagnosis of electronic boards

E.D. Elettronica Dedicata is proud to present FlexyTEST, a unique and innovative system to test and diagnose electronic boards and identify any hardware problems without the use of automated test equipment (ATE).

Born from a specific need of semiconductors market, it is usable in every industry from military and space to industrial.

FlexyTEST has many advantages, including a high level of customization, system modularityquick configuration and a highly intuitive software control interface.

What is FlexyTEST

FlexyTEST system includes a set of functionalities allowing test programme development, debug and test execution. The equipment is made of the main tester with housing system, application kits according to fixture types and DUTs, and of a software that we have entirely designed and developed.

FlexyTEST main features:

  • Test recipe development and debug
  • Test recipe execution with full portability among different plants
  • Selftest and calibration
  • Real time monitoring
  • Critical nets and elements fail highlight
  • Load board tested at power on (ATE set-up)
  • Data logging and reporting
  • STDF and custom reports generation

Why choose FlexyTEST

FlexyTEST is the best solution for testing and diagnosing electronic boards and identifying any hardware problems without using the ATEs.

Among the advantages of FlexyTEST:

  • Verify performance of load boards for different ATE models
  • Save time and money for failure troubleshooting
  • Improves the quality and reliability of the process during test
  • Load board validation in acceptance test
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Increase ROI on your ATEs

How it Works

Technical specifications

  • Passive elements: R,L,C
  • Leakage: 1 uA
  • Relay: Functionality (OPEN-CLOSE) Switching time (ON-OFF)
  • Diode: Vf
  • Buffer: Functionality, speed
  • OpAmp: Gain & offset
  • Multiplexer: Functionality, speed
  • Voltage and current: Force & measurement
  • Power supply: ± 3.3V, ± 5V, ± 12V, ± 15V(monitored current)
  • Programmable power supply: 6
  • Load board points: 8448
  • DUT points: 1536
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 157x144x105cm
  • Main Power Supply: 110 – 230 VAC, max 1 KW
  • Weight: 380 Kg
  • Customizable: RF, digital protocols, etc.



High level degree of resource configurability. Customizable fixture to support all Test Boards standards.


The standard system is configurable through a set of Application Kits


FlexyTEST is easy to use, quick configurability, user friendly software control interface.


High rate of test coverage and smart reporting

Extra Notes

  • For Tester Overall Equipment Efficiency, one not only needs to reduce the changeover and setup time, but also to reduce any engineering activity related to checked load boards and sockets.
  • Ensure that the Loadboard is 100% on all test sites, by using FlexyTEST.
  • Ensure that all test sockets are 100% before a setup, by using a specific tester.
  • Test sockets tested and failing pins changed, tracking pin history.
    Reducing intervention on a tester will maximise its use in production, increasing overall capacity, reducing need for extra Testers, reducing overall Cost of Test.