4JMSolutions offers a turnkey solution for wafer level testing which are designed to meet the stringent requirements of developers and manufacturers alike. Performing various test on the diodes of VCSELs in wafer level. Our base models can be found below which are later modified to suit our partner’s needs according to their requirements and specifications.

Some Of Our Wafer Tester Machines

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Laser App. Systems

4JMSolutions offers a wide range of Laser Application Systems ranging from Laser Marking equipment for Wafers, Substrates, Lead Frames and Devices to Laser applications used

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Wafer AOI System

4JMSolutions Wafer Level AOI allows you to inspect wafers without contact, picking and/or placing. Uploading the results to host server with Wafer Mapping to be

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Die Sorters with AOI

4JMSolutions offers a wide variety of Wafer sorters, Wafer to Wafer reconstruction, Wafer to TnR [Tape and Reel], Wafer to JEDEC Tray or any other

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Die Bonders

4JMSolutions supports its customers through providing solutions also for Die Bonding though our Chip and/or Die to Substrate or Leadframe bonding. Supporting a turnkey solution

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Flip Chip

4JMSolutions provides the latest in one of the most recent technologies of Flip Chip bonding though is world renowned suppliers providing solutions for this space

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