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The wafer test machine, also known as a wafer prober or wafer testing machine, is critical equipment in semiconductor manufacturing. It tests the electrical properties of semiconductor wafers to ensure they meet the required specifications for use in electronic devices. At 4JMSolutions, we offer high-quality wafer test machines that provide accurate and reliable testing results. In addition, these machines are perfectly synchronized with our other wafer-level processing equipment to streamline the manufacturing process and boost overall output. Our Wafer Test machines are equipped with the latest technology and can perform various tests, including parametric tests, functional tests, and reliability tests.

Our wafer prober machines are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. They feature advanced automation capabilities that help to reduce cycle time and increase productivity for automated wafer probing. Moreover, as part of an integrated system with our other wafer-level processing equipment, these machines provide a comprehensive solution for your semiconductor manufacturing needs. Our machines are also designed to be highly customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your specific testing needs.

  1. Trooper-T Optical VCSEL Wafer Tester

The Trooper-T Optical VCSEL Wafer Tester is a machine used to test semiconductor wafers containing Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSELs). It uses an advanced optical measurement system to measure the light output of multiple VCSELs on a single wafer, which leads to quick and efficient testing of large batches of wafers. Its high-speed testing capabilities, accuracy, precision, and flexibility make it an ideal choice for semiconductor manufacturers looking to increase their production efficiency and meet the demands of their customers. The machine can handle wafers with diameters of up to 200mm and is user-friendly, making it easy to set up and operate.

  1. Trooper-BI Wafer-Level VCSEL/LED/Micro LED Burn-in Wafer Tester

The Trooper-BI Wafer-Level VCSEL/LED/Micro LED Burn-in Wafer Tester is a high-quality wafer testing machine that can handle up to 7200 channels. With a programmable temperature profile and precise probing pin accuracy of +/- 50um, it ensures accurate and reliable results every time. This wafer tester has a current measurement tolerance of 0.2A +/-1% and a source voltage range of 5-24V Acc 20mV +/-1%. The temperature setting is adjustable between 45-150°C, and the machine is non-condensing. Designed for wafer-level testing, this machine is ideal for wafer probing, wafer testing, and other wafer-related applications. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, the Trooper-BI Wafer-Level VCSEL/LED/Micro LED Burn-in Wafer Tester is a top-of-the-line wafer prober machine that ensures accurate and reliable results.

  1. Wafer Tester with transferring process of optical cells

The Wafer Tester with transferring process of optical cells is a versatile and efficient tool for semiconductor manufacturers. With the capability of handling multiple wafer sizes, the machine can be integrated with any testers to provide accurate testing results. The machine is designed to operate in any ambient lighting conditions, making it suitable for various manufacturing environments. This wafer prober machine has an input/output system for optical cells and a repeatability tolerance of +/-0.02mm. The machine also features an autofocus function that helps with barcode reading. Its advanced features make it an ideal choice for wafer probing and testing. Investing in this high-quality wafer test machine can help manufacturers increase their productivity and accuracy while reducing costs.

If you’re looking for high-quality semiconductor manufacturing equipment, including wafer probing and testing machines, look no further than 4JM Solutions. Contact us to learn more about our equipment and how we can help improve your semiconductor manufacturing process.

Some Of Our Wafer Tester Machines

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