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Burn-in Test

In semiconductor manufacturing, burn-in testing is a pivotal procedure designed to precipitate early life failures in components, ensuring only the most reliable products make it to the end user. At its core, a burn-in test involves subjecting a device to conditions beyond its usual operational parameters in order to accelerate any potential failures. This might be due to manufacturing defects or other anomalies. The goal is simple: identify and eliminate weak devices, ensuring longevity and dependability.

One of the standout machines by 4JMSolutions tailored for this critical test is the Trooper-BI Wafer-Level VCSEL/LED/Micro LED Burn-in Test System Machine. This turnkey solution is adept at probing and conducting burn-in tests on VCSEL LED substrates at the wafer level. With the ability to test up to 7,200 Device Under Test (DUTs) simultaneously under a controlled temperature of up to 135°C, it stands out for its precision and scalability. Such large-scale testing is supported by an integrated water cooling system, leakage detection, and a vigilant temperature monitoring system, ensuring the safety and integrity of the process.

Yet, for power devices, the Wafer-Level Power Device Burn-in Handler Machine offers innovative solutions. With its 2 wafer test parallelism, it can test 480 die simultaneously per wafer. It houses independent driver channels, enabling simultaneous voltage/current measurements and temperature monitoring. Its state-of-the-art design includes a sealed chamber that accommodates inert gases like nitrogen, ensuring DUTs are shielded from arc & oxidation. This innovative feature guarantees the device remains at an optimal operational temperature, negating overheating risks.

Burn-in sorter machines, like the JTS-8700, JTS-30000, JTS-8500, and Eagle S8800, streamline the sorting process post burn-in testing. These machines are not just about testing but also about precision in handling, loading, and unloading ICs. With a range of compatibility—from BGA and CSP to QFP and QFN—they ensure efficient sorting capabilities. These machines further fortify their reliability with their easy-to-navigate MMI menus, ensuring user-friendly operation and maintenance.


Burn-In Sorters

SMT Burn-In Sorters

Burn-In Sorter

Burn In Sorter Burn in Sorter is a cell with the oven to carry out the test process, and the stress tests at high temperatures

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