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Burn In Sorter

Burn in Sorter is a cell with the oven to carry out the test process, and the stress tests at high temperatures and classifications according to the test results are the main purpose of the equipment

  • Using MMI Menu Easy Set-Up, Operation, Easy Maintenance
  • Main Power 230V±10%, 60Hz, 3Phase (R2 standard)
  • Air Pressure 6 ㎏/㎠ (Supply Inlet Port : PT3/8) (R2 standard)
  • M/C Dimension 4300 (L) x 2140 (W) x 1975 (H) (R2 standard)
  • Weight Approx. 5,500 ㎏ (R2 standard)
  •  8~24 Para Burn-In Sorter
  •  IC Burn-In Board loading / Unloading
  •  IC Loading/Unloading/Exchange Mode
  •  Unloading PKG with Bin sorting capability
  •  Reject Sorting by DC Test included
  •  TSOP, BGA, CSP,LGA, QFN , TSOP can be applied