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Packaging and Assembly

In the evolving domain of semiconductor assembly, the essence of precision, speed, and reliability is paramount. 4JMSolutions, with its exemplary arsenal of semiconductor packaging equipment, solidifies its stance as the industry frontrunner.

Laser Marking Machines
  • PM91 Strip-Level Laser Marking Handler Machine: A marvel in laser marking, this machine offers unmatched speed and precision for marking molded lead frames or substrates. With an impressive UPH of 800 for single site marking and 400 for dual, it guarantees unerring accuracy even on the tiniest devices, thanks to its multiple megapixel cameras. The machine’s versatility is evident with its multiple laser head options, configurable settings, and the ability to handle a spectrum of package types.
  • PM92 Tray-Level Laser Marking Handler Machine: Designed for both semiconductors & MEMS components, this machine promises high accuracy through its integrated vision technology. With a UPH reaching up to 6000 and an array of laser options, it epitomizes efficiency.
  • PM91-2D Singulated Module/Component Laser Marking Handler Machine: Tailored for the Singulated Module/Component, this handler operates at a breathtaking scan speed of 12,000 mm/s, ensuring precision marking every single time.
  • Trooper-L Wafer-Level Laser Marking Handler Machine: An innovation for wafer-level marking, it combines precision with stability. The solid granite platform, paired with anti-vibration absorbers, ensures that there’s no room for error during the marking process.
Active Alignment Assembly Machine

4JMSolutions’ Active Alignment Assembly is a masterpiece in optical assembly. Combining high precision glue dispensing with top-notch vision technologies, the machine can seamlessly assemble and align various optical modules. The utilization of UV light ensures curing times are less than a second, optimizing production times.

Dispensing Machines

Fully automating the IGBT assembling process, this machine blends high precision epoxy dispensing with a swift screw tightening process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Customized Solutions for Semiconductor Production

At the heart of 4JMSolutions lies innovation. Recognizing the dynamic needs of the industry, they offer bespoke solutions, working closely with world-class suppliers. This approach not only fosters innovation but ensures adaptability and customization, keeping 4JMSolutions at the apex of the semiconductor packaging and assembly landscape.

Laser Cutting and Deburr Handler

A specialist in micro SD card laser cutting, this machine ensures up to 4,500 accurately cut cards per hour. With options for single or dual beam lasers and post-cut vision inspection, it redefines precision.