4JMSolutions understands the need to be always update and at the forefront of technology, this is why we select our world class suppliers with a strong sense of innovation, capability to adapt and willingness to customize. The below listed equipment are some examples of one off, uniquely customized solutions that have had multiple uses and thus are now standardized equipment used in various processes.

Some Of Our Customized Solutions Machines

PM51-V Bin Sorter

PM51-V Bin Sorter It is a universal handler which is designed to sort different grades of modules to different trays according to their test results.

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Related Packaging and Assembly Products

Laser Marking

4JMSolutions offers a wide range of Laser Application Systems ranging from Laser Marking equipment for Wafers, Substrates, Lead Frames and Devices. Our handlers offer the

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Active Alignment Assembly

4JMSolutions offers a wide range Active Alignment Assembly which is designed to actively align & assemble together Collimator Module with DOE Module into a Projector,

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