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Modus Test Socket Testing

  • For Tester Overall Equipment Efficiency, one not only needs to reduce the changeover and setup time, but also to reduce any engineering activity related to checked load boards and sockets.
  • Ensure that the Loadboard is 100% on all test sites, by using a specific tester.
  • Ensure that all test sockets are 100% before a setup, by using Modustest.
  • Test sockets tested and failing pins changed, tracking pin history.
  • Reducing intervention on a tester will maximise its use in production, increasing overall capacity, reducing need for extra Testers, reducing overall Cost of Test.


Kyle Briffa

MTC – Modus Test Cyclers

MTC-THERMAL AVAILABLE BY 4Q22 Highlights Requires external temperature force unit Requires a new PCB for the thermal MTC No X/Y mechanical movement Thermal Chamber Option

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Major Savings from KGS Process with MPT

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