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Industrial Lifters

4JMSolutions are able to provide industrial lifters that go hand in had with its material handling and conveyor systems which all form part of the factory automation ecosystem. binging us closer to the Industry 4.0 dream

Some Of Our Factory Auomatization Industrial Lifters

Pneumatic Drive Lifter

Pneumatic Drive Lifter Designed specifically for lower level of lifting product from one level to another. Pneumatic Lifter gives more precision positioning and faster travelling

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Motorized Lifters

Motorized Lifters Designed for higher product travel with reliability and stability, Motorized Lifter can provide four direct access and opening for product transfer. For long

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Indexer Lifters

Indexer Lifters To create a buffer space before lifting is what indexer lifter is ideal for. It can be easily customized and fit to your

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