Wafer Level Burn in

Some Of Our Wafer Level Burn In Machines

Related Front End Products

Laser App. Systems

4JMSolutions offers a wide range of Laser Application Systems ranging from Laser Marking equipment for Wafers, Substrates, Lead Frames and Devices to Laser applications used

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Wafer AOI System

4JMSolutions Wafer Level AOI allows you to inspect wafers without contact, picking and/or placing. Uploading the results to host server with Wafer Mapping to be

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Die Sorters with AOI

4JMSolutions offers a wide variety of Wafer sorters, Wafer to Wafer reconstruction, Wafer to TnR [Tape and Reel], Wafer to JEDEC Tray or any other

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Die Bonders

4JMSolutions supports its customers through providing solutions also for Die Bonding though our Chip and/or Die to Substrate or Leadframe bonding. Supporting a turnkey solution

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Flip Chip

4JMSolutions provides the latest in one of the most recent technologies of Flip Chip bonding though is world renowned suppliers providing solutions for this space

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