Trooper-BI Wafer-Level VCSEL/LED/Micro LED Burn-in Test System

It is a full turnkey solution to probe & bum-in VCSEL LED substrate in wafer level. The tester is capable of testing up to 7 200 DUTS at one go with a controlled temperature up to 135C t comes with intelligent features such as built in water cooling system leakage detection system and temperature monitoring System. 

  • Up to 7 200 units
  • Pogo Pin accuracy +/-50 um
  • Burn-In duration is programable
  • Source range 20mA-100mA/0.2A-1.5A 24V
  • Measurement Tolerance 0.2mA +-1%
  • Temperature 45-130C with 0.1C steps
  • Humidity< 85% RH, Non condensing