AOI for Semiconductors

4JMSolutions is a leading provider of AOI systems, starting from Wafer inspection to Post-Seal TnR Inspection, providing everything in between to ensure high quality production within customer specification and ensuring complete satisfaction. Having extensive experience and knowledge we will build equipment to suit your needs. Through our knowledge we will help to understand and propose Lighting and Cameras to capture even the slightest defect while ensuring minimal over and under rejection.

Our AOI systems vary in which type of Hander being used according to customer requirements as we are able to provide Linear PnP, Turret, Hybrid and Also Gravity Feed systems for AOI inspection.  

Auto Vision Inspection

Auto Vision Inspection Solutions

AOI After Surface Mounting

MV-3 Series

MV-3 Series  Versatile off-line 2D AOI  Great inspection performance  Inspection for diffuse reflection component, OCR, micro crack precisely by 8 phases coaxial color lighting  Angled

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MV-6E OMNI Series

MV-6E OMNI Series  The optimal 3D AOI to improve productivity  The world’s best performance 3D AOI  Non-blind spot digital 8 projection moiré 3D inspection technology

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