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AOI for Semiconductors

AOI Machines For Wafers, Dies and Encapsulated Semiconductors

4JMSolutions is revolutionizing this sector with a range of sophisticated automated optical inspection machines tailored specifically for wafers, dies, and encapsulated semiconductors. Here are some of our AOI Machines:

The Eagle V8500 Machine, a 3.5D vision inspection system, which stands as a testament to Korea’s cutting-edge technology, being the first to introduce the Slit Beam Method for PKG inspection. Not only does it boast high precision warpage inspection, but it’s also designed for efficient automation, enhancing productivity without compromising on accuracy.

The Eagle V8000 Machine. A pioneering system that integrates APS + AVI, it offers multiple vision perspectives, ensuring comprehensive inspection from wafer inception to the waffle tray. Emphasizing user efficiency, its modes range from fully automatic to dry run, catering to diverse operational needs.

The JAI-3000 Machine integrates both 2D and 3D vision systems, specifically tailored for package visual and marking inspections for TSOP and BGA types. It ensures only the best devices proceed after stringent 2D/3D and marking inspections.

Designed for pre-inspected wafers, the JAP-3000 excels in accuracy, boasting a positioning precision of 0.01mm. Its dual vision system ensures flawless chip placement, adapting seamlessly to various DDI configurations.

The Trooper-V Wafer-Level AOI Handler. A high-speed marvel, it can inspect a staggering 70,000 dies in a mere 120 seconds. With its advanced microscope, high-quality objective lens, and diverse vision capabilities, Trooper-V is an embodiment of next-generation AOI testing.

Auto Vision Inspection

Auto Vision Inspection Solutions

AOI After Surface Mounting

MV-6E OMNI Series

MV-6E OMNI Series  The optimal 3D AOI to improve productivity  The world’s best performance 3D AOI  Non-blind spot digital 8 projection moiré 3D inspection technology

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MV-3 Series

MV-3 Series  Versatile off-line 2D AOI  Great inspection performance  Inspection for diffuse reflection component, OCR, micro crack precisely by 8 phases coaxial color lighting  Angled

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