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In today’s dynamic semiconductor environment, precision and speed are paramount. 4JMSolutions’ state-of-the-art laser marking machines deliver these crucial qualities, playing a pivotal role in wafer-level applications. Integrating advanced vision technology and a range of versatile lasers, these systems redefine efficiency and accuracy for today’s micro-electronic landscape.

Starting with the PM91 Strip-Level Laser Marking Handler Machine, this advanced system is designed explicitly for molded lead frames and substrates. Its unique ability to align a new mark to a device without surpassing a pre-existing mark, thanks to multiple megapixel cameras, ensures impeccable laser marking even on micro-sized devices. What’s even more impressive is its throughput, marking up to 800 strips for single-site and 400 strips for dual-site. Engineers and operators alike will also appreciate the variety in laser choices, ranging from YV04 to UV, making it suitable for marking various materials.

On the tray-level front, the PM92 raises the bar in laser marking wafer operations, catering specifically to semiconductors and MEMS components. With its capability to handle a staggering 6,000 UPH and an impressive assortment of compatible lasers, it maintains high-precision marking across a wide spectrum of packages. The laser marking silicon wafer system offers impeccable results due to its advanced vision technology that aligns and verifies markings.

The PM91-2D is another masterpiece for singulated modules/components. Its prowess lies in its high-speed marking ability, clocking a scan speed of 12,000 mm/s. With compatibility across multiple lasers like YV04, Fiber Green, or UV Laser, it offers versatility in marking applications.

The Trooper-L is built with an anti-vibration solid granite platform, it ensures flawless laser marking without the risk of misfires. Its specialty is laser marking silicon wafer with a precision of +/-30um. Its integrated Advanced Vision Systems ensure every wafer is aligned correctly before marking, and post-mark inspections validate the perfection of every marked wafer.

Some Of Our Laser Marking Machines

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