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In-tray Electrical Test Handler

In-tray Electrical Test Handler

An automated in-tray electrical tester designed to measure & analyse the electrical characteristics of components such as optical modules, integrated circuits & smart sensors It is also equipped with high accuracy cameras to perform cosmetic inspections ensuring that the components & modules
condition are up to stringent quality requirements.

  • Uniform Test Results
  • User-Friendly & intuitive interface
  • Soft Handling to eliminate damages to DUT
  • Linear Motor Pick& Place
  • Selection of Packages: Optical Modules, Integrated Circuits, Smart Sensors
  • Vision Capabilities: 2DBC Inspection, Pre Cosmetic Inspection, Post Cosmetic inspection
  • Electrical Tests: Resistance lest, Capacitance Test, Inductance fest, Independence Test, Reactance lest
  • Test Sites: Up to 5 test sites
  • Test Contact Method: Kelvin/ Non Kelvin
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