Wafer Tester with transferring process of optical cells

It is designed to the automate handling/transferring process of optical cells in wafer from its cassette to a tester in a cleanroom environment. This handler is built compact with a teaching-friendly wafer transfer robot and is capable of performing wafer tilt check cassette mapping, wafer alignment and auto focus 2D barcodes/QR codes reading. The vacuum type end-effector of the wafer robot is Alumina made with just 24mm thickness and its 0.6mm protruding vacuum tip is capable to handle any wafer edges without physical contact on wafer

  • Capable of being integrated with multiple wafer size handling 
  • Able to be integrated with any testers
  • Able to work in any ambient lighting condition
  • Input/Output Wafer/Mask
  • Package: Optical cells
  • Repeatability +/-0,02mm
  • Autofocus at the barcode reading

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