Trooper-T Optical VCSEL Wafer Tester

Trooper-T Optical VCSEL Wafer Tester Optical VCSEL Wafer Tester is our next generation cutting edge full turnkey solution designed to test the electrical & optical characteristics of packages such as VCSEL LED and LIDAR in wafer-level. It uses an integrating sphere to measure & test the optical power efficiency & wavelength of the laser emitted from the optical device sequentially with very short test time. It is also capable of performing Near & Far Field tests by using NiR sensitive camera with Conoscopic Lens to determine the emitting diameter, mode emission characteristics as well as the maximum emission angle of the optical device.

  • UPH <3600
  • Wave length 800-1050 um
  • Soft Needle Contact to Eliminate Damage to DUT Fast & Accurate Electrical/ Optical Measurement
  • Wafer Mapping Capability
  • Automated Optical inspection
  • Designed for Light Detection and Range (LIDAR) Applications
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