BIC3000 Burn In Chamber

BIC3000 Burn In Chamber

The BIC3000 is a front-loading industrial Burn In Chamber for mass burn-in testing using end-user test configurations.

It can accommodate up to 144 drives and is designed to be customisable as per manufacturer’s requirement. The system is designed to minimise vibrations and ensure uniform temperature throughout the chamber, hence achieving consistent quality testing.

  • Capacity: 144 drive slots
  • Format: 2.5”, height format 5mm & 7mm
  • Power requirements: 208 VAC or 415 VAC
  • Temperature range: Ambient to 60°C
  • Test orientation: End-user specifications e.g. PCB Up/Down
  • Dimensions: 1.84M x 0.95M x 2.0M

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