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PM31-T / PM35-T / PM38-T Turret Test and Vision Handler

PM31 PM35-T PM38-T Turret Test and Vision Handler

A high speed turret test & vision handler designed for Discrete & ICs testing. It performs vision inspection and electrical functional test along with optional features such as laser marking, sorting, de-taping and taping depending on retirements The handler also offers a wide selection of packages and a variety of options for both input & output Configurations.

  • Multiple Test Sites
  • Quick Changeover
  • Comprehensive Machine Condition Traceability such as Event and History Log
  • Capable to process to a wide spectrum Of packages
  • Dynamic Test Station
  • Dynamic Individual Press Force Control with Feedback
  • Auto Replacement of In-Pocket Units
  • Integrate-able with Auto Reel Changer
  • Package: TO, DPAK, PDIP, SOIC, TSSOP, SOT, QFN integrated  Modules(PIM), Automated Power Module (APM), Smart Power Module (SPM)
  • UPH: 35,000 (subject to running package and configuration)
  • Input: Vibrator Bowl Plastic Tube Stacker, De-Taper, JEDEC Tray, Wafer Ring
  • Output: Tape & Reel, Plastic Tube Stacker, JEDEC Tray
  • Vision Capabilities: Lead Inspection, Mark Inspection, Package Inspection, Pad Inspection
  • Test Capabilities: Electrical Test, Functional Test, RF Test
  • Test sites: Up to 8 parallel test sites
  • Test Contact Method: Punch/Clamp Type
  • Test Socket Options: Kelvin Non-Kelvin
  • Individual Press(IP) Force Control: Up to 10N independent Z axis. Up to 30N independent Z axis (optional) up to 50N with Pneumatic Solution (optional)
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