PM62/63 Ambient/Hot Test and Vision Handler

PM62/63 Ambient/ Hot Test & Vision Handler

An ambient and elevated temperature test handler designed to test Power Devices. Test Options include electrical Functional test, Open Short Test and Ambient/Hot Test which ranges from room temperature to +25° C to 155 ° C.  The handler also comes with features such as Smart Temperature Control, User Definable Soak Time and Auto Calculation of Offset Temperature Value.

  • Multiple Test Sites
  • Hot Temperature Test
  • Direct Docking to Test Head
  • Optional Tape & Reel
  • Capable to process to a wide spectrum of packages
  • Package: TO220, DPAK, DDPAK, DIP
  • UPH: >8,000 (1×2 1×4, 2×2 test site)
  • Input: Plastic Tube Stacker
  • Output: Tape&Reel, Plastic Tube Stacker
  • Vision Capabilities: Lead inspection, In-Pocket inspection 
  • Test Capabilities: Electrical lest, Ambient/Hot Test
  • Temperature Range:Ambient Temperature, Hot Temperature from 60Cto 155 C
  • Temperature Accuracy:+/-2°C at test sites, +/-3 C at soak chamber & heated track

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