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Developing Measurement Software

PCP Series Wafer Prober / Probing Handler

Custom-made Measurement System

Combining our probing system (PCP series) and commercially available measuring instruments such as power supplies and meters, and using a dedicated PC, we build a dedicated system that controls both.

In addition to mass production use, measurements can be made with specifications that meet R&D and customer needs.

Example of Use
Evaluation of process characteristics of superconducting devices at room temperature
  • Used with: Multimeter , Source Measure Unit , Picoampere Meter
  • High resistance and insulation resistance measurement for each process of superconducting devices.
SAW Filter Characteristics Measurement for Mobile Phone
  • Used with: Network analyzer
  • The system measures filter characteristics such as center frequency and minimum insertion loss.
Laminated Capacitor’s Capacity Measurement
  • Used with: LCR meter, High voltage power supply, PLC
  • The system outputs measurement trigger at regular intervals with an accuracy of 0.5 msec or less and measures the capacity.
Frequency Measurement for Communication/Clock Modules
  • Used with: Network analyzer
  • The system measures resonant frequency, impedance, and equivalent constant.
Automotive Acceleration Sensor Measurement, Electrical Capacitive Pressure Sensor Measurement
  • Used with: LCR meter
  • The system changes the bias voltage and measures the capacitance by the capacitance detection method.
I-V Characteristics Measurement for Photodiode (PD, APD)
  • Used with: SMU
  • The system measures reverse and forward I-V characteristics by voltage sweep measurement.