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Double Sided Wafer Prober


The PCP-102WS is a high precision prober designed to contact both sides (double side) of wafer.

By adopting PFC original XY Compensation and Profiling function, PCP-102WS can compensate the position even if a wafer is warped.

Accurate RDS (on-resistance) is measured by making Kelvin connection at the drain side on the back of wafer and adjusting its drain-sense-position to the source-sense-position.

  • Contacts both sides (double side) of wafer
  • Effective position compensation for the warpage of wafer
  • Successful record 100% of Alignment for customers’ products (Record only in Japan)
  • Measures the accurate RDS (on-resistance)
  • Probing at more than two points by moving in a chip (Micro Probing)
  • Large current/High voltage probing is supported by the wafer clamp system with ceramic blade
  • Low noise: More than -80dB on the chuck
    (Reference Value: 30KHZ to 30MHZ Loop ANT actual measurement)
  • High rigidity cabinet made by the iron surface plate and the welding frame realizes low vibration
  • Low cost and High throughput
  • Small space (Footprint), power-saving design
  • Stable operation (more than MTBF5000 hours)
  • Large diameter Pre-alignment chuck can handle a warped wafer, thin wafer and TAIKO™ Wafer
Wafer size
100mm (4 inch) to 200mm (8 inch)
Probing area
Wafer: φ200mm
XY stage
Driven by linear motor (Repeat accuracy:1um)
Small space: (W)1200mm × (D)860mm
  • Sales achievement: PCP series more than 500 sets (As of April 2022)
  • We can respond to the request from a customer flexibly.
  • We can offer discount for the purchase of several sets together.