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Wafer Laser Marking System

Option Feature: Great Improvement in Takt by SLM Mode

SLM (Stored Layout Marking) is the new data processing mode we developed to improve Takt.
This mode uses the built-in memory in laser controller to speed up the marking process. (※1).

Takt improvement can be expected by approx. 30%(※2) compared to PCP-LM8 standard mode and 50% (※2) compared to PCP-105LM.

※1 Condition: Scaling OFF and matrix marking mode (same marking in the Lot).

※2 According to our research: Takt will change depending on the number of wafers in the Lot, marking condition, prober settings, etc.

Clear Color and Damage-free by UV Wavelength

Compared to the fundamental wavelength (1,064 nm), the UV wavelength (355 nm) has a much higher absorption rate into the material, and highly visible marking is possible.

Since heat stress is not applied to the product, damage can be reduced.

Sample A(Device without BG)
  • Font size: 0.3mm×0.15mm
  • Solid circle: φ0.3mm
  • Letter: 0.05mm spacing
  • Print depth: 2.2μm
Sample B(Device with BG)
  • Font size: 0.3mm×0.15mm
  • Solid circle: φ0.3mm
  • Letter: 0.05mm spacing
Fine Marking with Very Small Spot

Since the UV wavelength (355 nm) is 1/3 of the fundamental wavelength (1,064 nm), the spot size can be narrowed down by that extent, and it is possible to print in extremely small letters in a limited space.

Print at Smallest Printable Size
  • Font size: 0.08mm×0.08mm
  • Solid circle: φ0.08mm
  • Letter: 0.05mm spacing
  • Print depth: 2.6μm
Print 36 Alphanumeric Characters at 0.1mm Square
  • Font size: 0.1mm×0.1mm
  • Letter: 0.05mm spacing
  • Print depth: 1.6μm
Sample Marking Function

The software automatically extracts the marking conditions if you just select the material.
You can quickly find the optimum conditions from the marking result list.
Marking condition settings which normally require experience can be completed easily in a short time.

Predictive Maintenance Function

Power Monitor is equipped standard in Laser Head.
It realize the management of “Laser Power” that is most important for a laser equipment easily and reliably.


The functions mounted on the prober are inherited from the previous model (PCP-105LM).
Ensures stable productivity.

  • Supports 6-inch wafer and 8-inch wafer
  • Original wafer chucking method
  • High-precision alignment
  • Split marking, individual marking