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Trooper-V Wafer-Level AOI Handler for Wafer Reconstruction

Trooper-V Wafer-Level AOI Handler for Wafer Reconstructio

Trooper-V is a high speed wafer-level AOI handler. It is designed with Rotatable Lens Turret concept which offers different levels of magnification capable to accommodate various types & sizes of dies. The high performance handler only takes up 2 minutes to inspect a full wafer which consists approximately 70,000 dies.

  • Wafer Per Hour +30 Wafers
  • Raw Wafer (6, 8″ or 12″) Mylar Wafer Ring (6, 8″ or 12)
  • Advanced Microscope with both Bright & Dark Field Capability
  • High quality Objective Lens (2.0x 5.0X 7 magnification)
  • Light Source Illumination with RGB Configuration
  • Short Wave infrared (SWIR) imagıng Technology for SiC
  • Customizable wafer Map Generation
  • Integrate-able with multiple wafer size handling
  • Pre-Wafer Alignment X Y Angle
  • Die Surface Inspection (Scratch Crack, Chipping Metal Peeling, Misaligned Cut Foreign Material Missing Die Edge Bur Edge Debris, Optical Character Recognition Polyimide Peeling Vision Capabilities’ Discoloration and Contamination)