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Queen-AAC AA Collimator Module

Queen-AAC AA Collimator Module

It is designed to actively align & assemble together Laser Module and Lens Module into a Collimator Module by using High Precision Glue Dispenser and High Accuracy Vision Technologies. The Handlers in-built Glue Dispenser is integrated with top vision to detect & obtain the positions of the housing to be dispensed with glue. The Glue Dispenser uses a Screw Headed Valve which enables it to perform high viscosity and small diameter glue dispensing with high precision & accuracy By using multiple vision stations, they capture the X Y coordinates of both the Laser Module and Lens Module while aligning & positioning them accordingly before assembling them both together. Curing time only takes <1 sec by using UV Light to perform the job.

  • Selection of Packages Laser Module, Lens Module
  • Dual Input Configuration Capability
  • High Viscosity and Small Diameter Glue Dispensing
  • High Precision Sub-Micron 6-Axis Alignment Stage for Modules Assembly
  • High Accuracy AOI Inspection to capture X Y coordinates for Alignment 
  • Short Curing Time (<1 sec)
  • High Speed Pulse Laser Far Field Test System
  • Laser Far Field Test: Beam Shape, Field of View (FOV) Field of Illumination (FO) Uniformity Contrast, Hot Spot Beam Diameter Horizontal & Vertical), Beam Divergence (Horizontal & Vertical)
  • Dispensing Accuracy: -0.0080mm, 80um
  • Dispensing Time: 8 secs (Straight Line)
  • Dispensing Method Line Method
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