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Queen-AAP AA Projector

It is designed to actively align & assemble together Collimator Module with DOE Module into a Projector, the Final & Complete Product by using High Precision Glue Dispenser and High Accuracy Vision Technologies. The Handler’s in-built Glue Dispenser is integrated with fop vision to detect & obtain the positions of the housing to be dispensed with glue. The Glue Dispenser uses a Screw Headed Valve which enables it to perform high viscosity and small diameter glue dispensing with high precision & accuracy. By using multiple vision stations, they capture the X Y coordinates of both the Projector and Housing while aligning & positioning them accordingly before assembling them both together Curing time only takes <1 sec by using UV Light to perform the job.

  • Input/Output: JEDEC Tray (Dual Input Configuration is available)
  • Package: Optical, VCSEL Lens, Inner Housing
  • High Viscosity and Small Diameter Glue Dispensing
  • High Precision Sub-Micron 6 Axis Alignment Stage for Modules Assembly
  • High Accuracy AO inspection to capture X, Y coordinates for Alignment
  • Integrated with Advanced Vision Inspection System
  • Short Curing time (1 sec)
  • High Speed Pulse LIV Sweep & Far Field Test Systems
  • Cosmetic Inspection: Contamination, Scratches
  • Package Inspection: Glue Presence
  • Vision Alignment/Positioning: Projector Positioning, Outer Housing Positioning, Glue Dispensing Alignment
  • Light Current-Voltage (LIV) Sweep Test: (Slope Efficiency, Threshold Current, Operating Current, Operating Voltage Power Conversion Efficiency (PCE Wavelength Test (Multi-Pulses Integration))
  • Far Field Test:(Geometrical & Pattern Mass Center Offset Pattern Angle Contrast Score, Energy/Power Uniformity Field of Illumination (FO), Hot Spot, Dot Count, Eye Safety Threshold, Center intensity Slope, Zero Order)
  • Type of Glue: UV Glue
  • Dispensing Accuracy: +/-0.0080mm 80um
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