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Module-Level Power Device Test Handler

Module-Level Power Device Burn-in Test Handle

It is the latest module-level burn-in test system designed for power devices his innovate tester accommodates 720 power module test parallelism under modules tray to-tray forms, consisting of independent driver channels for simultaneous voltage/current measurement as well as temperature monitoring. The Bum-in test handler is designed with seal chamber to accommodate nitrogen. It protects the DUTs oxidation while keeping the tester in an operational temperature state without Overheating.

  • Incorporated with fully automated handlers
  • All in one solution with built-in test chambers
  • High-level User Defined Burn-in Profile (Continuous or Pulse Mode)
  • Integrated with Nitrogen Gas Cooling System
  •  Easy Load & Unloading of Substrate Tiles
  • Programmable Temperature Profile
  • Input/Output: JEDEC tray
  • Chanel Number up to 2040 units
  • Burn-In duration is Programmable
  • Leakage Current  600V-3,000V DC
  • Drain Voltage Sourcing
  • Test Parameters Vth, IGSS, IDSS, VDSon
  • Leakage Current Measurement Accuracy: 1%
  • Temperature Rise Time: 4 minutes (based on room temp to 150 C)
  • Temperature Tolerance +/-5°C

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