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Queen-QCD IQC DOE Tester

Queen-QCD IQC DOE Tester

IQC DOE Tester is an innovative tester designed to test the imaging characteristics of DOE. Light pattern is captured and analysed for its characteristics through NIR sensitive camera and Lambertian Transmissive Diffuser to ensure it meets the stringent requirements. It is also equipped with soft handling capabilities to eliminate any damages onto the DUT.

  • High Precision Vision Guided Pick & Place Mechanism
  • Auto Alignment DUT test socket
  • Integrated with High Accuracy Vision Inspection System
  • High Speed Pulse Far Field Test
  • Automated GR&R and Yield Monitoring Capabilities
  • Tray Map File Integration Capability

Input Options: Wafer Ring, Wafer Cassette, Customized Sockets
Output Options: Wafer Ring, JEDEC Tray, Wafer Cassette, Customized Sockets
Selection of Packages: Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE), Micro Lens Array (MLA)
Vision Capabilities:
– Vision Alignment (DUT X, Y, R Position, Orientation Mark Detection)
– Dimension Inspection (DOE Width & Height Measurement)
– AOI Cosmetic Inspection (Scratches, Bubble, Hole Inclusion, Stains)
– 2D Matrix Inspection
Test Capabilities:
– Image Test
(Field of View [FOV], Transmission Test, Beam Spot Test, Beam Divergence)
– Far Field Test
(Geometrical & Pattern Mass Center Offset, Pattern Angle, Contrast Score, Energy/Power, Uniformity, Field of Illumination (FOI), Hot Spot, Dot Count, Eye Safety Threshold, Center Intensity, Slope, Zero Order)
Intelligent Features: Wafer Map File Integration, Automated Optical Inspection, Automated Yield Monitoring, Beam Spot Test, Automated GR&R <10%, Wafer Auto Alignment, Automated Re-test

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