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Queen-QCL IQC Lens Tester

Queen-QCL IQC Lens Tester

IQC Lens Tester is designed to test the optical characteristics of Optical Lens. The tester will analyse the beam transmission efficiency of the lens by emitting a beam of laser through the lens to determine if the optimum amount of light passes through. Field Patterns are analysed by using a Lens with a Lambertian Transmittance Diffuser to detect the vertical and horizontal light intensity distribution of the module to ensure that it meets the stringent requirements. It is also equipped with multiple cameras to detect the centre point of the lens before testing.

  • High Precision Vision Guided Pick & Place Mechanism
  • Auto Alignment DUT test socket
  • High Accuracy Cosmetic AOI Inspection
  • High Speed Pulse Laser Beam Transmission Test
  • Automated GR&R and Yield Monitoring Capabilities
  • Tray Map File Integration Capability

Input/ Output Option: JEDEC Tray
Selection of Packages: Optical Lens
Vision Capabilities:
– AOI Cosmetic Inspection
(Scratches, Bubble, Hole Inclusion, Stains)
– DUT Position
(DUT X, Y position)
Test Capabilities: Laser Beam Transmission
(Light Shape, Beam Size (X, Y), Optical Transmission Efficiency)
Intelligent Features:
– Tray Map File Integration
– Automated Optical Inspection
– Automated Yield Monitoring
– Automated GR&R <10%

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