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Solder Paste Mixing and Thawing Machine

The Shaker Array Solder Paste Thawing and Mixing machine utilizes the high efficient ‘Trapezoidal’ tumbling concept that provide effective agitation to the contents. This patented concept comprises four (4) chutes specially designed each with three (3) ventilating holes that allow room air draft to be drawn inside to accelerate the thawing process of the contents. This is the most effective thawing machine in the industry.

The thawing process can be direct from the freezer (-40°C -60°C) and it will take less than 25 minutes to completely thaw to the room temperature. Thereafter, the mixing and kneading (softening) process will continue to the next 20 minutes. This latest model is PLC pre-programmed to spin alternatively to accelerate both thawing and mixing process.

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