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HAIPICK robot offers intelligent picking and handling, autonomous navigation, active obstacle avoidance and autonomous charging.
Characterized by its high stability and high precision, the robot can replace the repetitive, time-consuming and heavy manual storage and handling work, realizing efficient and intelligent “goods to person” picking which significantly improves the warehouse’s storage density and operational efficiency.

  • Autonomous & Intelligent Functions, Autonomous picking, handling, navigation and charging
  • Multi-case Handling,Each robot can store up to 8 cases at the same time
  • Mixed Picking, Compatible with cartons/totes, multi-size cases
  • Ultra-wide Picking Range, Covers a broader storage range from 0.25m to 6.50m
  • Wireless Communication, Supports 5GHz band and Wi-Fi to ensure a smooth operation
  • Flexible & Customizable, Supports different customization requirements including height and colour
  • Fast & Stable, Stable speed is 1.8m/s with/without load
  • Multiple Safety Protection, Obstacles detection, active obstacle avoidance, anti-collision alarm and emergency stop
  • The Ideal Solution, Tailored specially to meet different application scenarios to deliver the best solution

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