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It’s the intelligent brain of the HAIPICK system. It can be connected to external management systems, perform data analysis and visual management to ensure the simultaneous dispatch of multiple robots and various equipment

  • Path Optimization
    The system calculates and plans the optimal path based on the current robot positioning, picking, unloading case location and task conditions.
  • Location Optimization
    It is based on SKU hot and cold attributes, the distance between main aisles and workstations, case density on aisles, stored goods frequency, historical congestion statistics, and other data to optimize location.
  • Tasks Allocation
    The system considers various factors such as picking and placing location, workstation location, order quantity, and robot movement path. It reasonably allocates tasks to a single robot. It assigns tasks according to the maximum number of cases carried by a single robot.
  • Workstation Balance
    Try to balance the workstation’s operation and adjust the robots in time according to the flow of robots in the queue.
  • Inventory Structured Optimization
    The inventory structure is optimized based on SKU basic attributes, hot and cold attributes, historical connections, picking frequency, and other data types.
  • Robot Scheduling
    Comprehensively consider various factors (path, inventory structure, storage location, workstation), and reasonably allocate robots to complete the tasks of picking, handling, picking and placing goods, and improving overall work efficiency.

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