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It is an automatic loading and unloading machine. It is composed of HAIPORT, conveyor, visual system, put wall, pick to light system, and can easily dock with HAIPICK ACR robots to automatically unload, transport, and load cases from the robot’s storage tray, optimizing inbound and outbound processes.
The modular design, flexibility, and easy transport capabilities of this workstation supports rapid increase/decrease of equipment, meeting high-efficiency and low-cost requirements. Workers and robots are separated to ensure safety; the ergonomic design of the on-robot picking workstation delivers convenient operation, high efficiency, and low cost.

  • Multi-case loading/unloading: Load/unload 6 cases at the same time
  • Efficient & Fast: Loading speed 3s, unloading speed 5s
  • 130%: Improve efficiency per robot by 30%
  • Cost-saving: Number of robot utilization decreases, thereby customer’s cost
  • Less waiting time: Intelligent scheduling and fast loading /unloading reduces waiting time for robots
  • Safe & Comfortable: Improves manual loading/unloading improving safety and enhancing worker’s comfort
  • Flexible & Adjustable: Easy to move, fast installation

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